PractiCAD, our CAD software, is the ultimate tool for a fully automated custom workflow for every aspect of your design and drafting work, completely and seamlessly integrated with your estimating and manufacturing processes.

Your success is determined by your productivity which comes from two sources: efficiency (doing things right) and effectiveness (doing right things).

Full automation is the main focus of all our products, and it is the key to making both of these sources work for you. PractiCAD is capable of automating virtually every technical task you are facing, while preserving every choice and every decision you make along the way.

We took your existing workflow (no surprises here) and customized every step to make sure that you will never have to repeat or redo anything — your computer will, automatically, using our proprietary technology based on a new concept of automatics. We eliminated many (if not all) repetitive or manual tasks, simple and complex, common for both computer software and drafting practices, so you can invest your time in doing what you do best: creating the conceptual base of your projects.

PractiCAD tools and approaches cover all aspects of your drafting and design work, addressing every course of action you take and making sure it is free of obstacles and inefficiencies, so any design decisions will enhance, not hinder, your ability to perform similar operations in every environment — design and drafting within sheet metal, piping or any other expected (or unexpected) terrain.

PractiCAD. The fastest. The easiest to learn. The most powerful. And when combined with our PractiCAM , the most powerful CAM and estimating system in the world — unbeatable.