PractiCAM, our CAM and cost estimating software, offers you the most advanced manufacturing technology. Thousands of fittings, products, parts, shapes, patterns and accessories. Most effective, efficient and economical solution for your shop.

PractiCAM libraries include over 4,000 fittings and over 2,000 flat shapes, covering round/rectangular/oval duct fittings (single and double wall), roofing elements, curb adapters, louvers, dormers, plenums, leader heads, industrial metal, architectural profiles and panels, ornamental products, one-of-a-kind items — the list continues to grow daily.

PractiCAM’s extensive variety of material and labor saving features includes:
  • Fully integrated built-in CAD system and import/export of DXF files.
  • Extensive sets of custom label and report templates, including any possible combinations of parameters, sorting and ordering methods, template sizes, formats and visual appearances.
  • Fully automated specifications, supported by a flexible and robust system of custom shop allowances and material libraries including an unlimited number of materials, wraps, liners and utilizing custom material stocks.
  • Direct and true handling of all accessories (damper rods/plates, turning vanes, radial vanes etc.) and an ability to catalog any non-duct item.
  • Advanced automatic nesting. Automatic and interactive blank segmentation for oversized products.
  • Direct seamless data download from PractiCAD to PractiCAM, and from PractiCAM — to every cutter and coil line available worldwide.
  • Instant, precise, integrated cost estimating system available.