PractiCAD-Revit, our Revit-based CAD software designed to aid the development of BIM (Builiding Information Modeling) drawings. Deliverables from PractiCAD-Revit can easily be brought in our PractiCAD, PractiCAM, or estimating systems, for fabrication or cost analysis.

Some of the features of PractiCAD-Revit are:
  • Seamless conversion of PractiCAD files to Revit format. With PractiCAD-Revit you can go back and forth from Revit to AutoCAD and vice versa.
  • Ability to produce LOD 400+ (Level of Detail) deliverables. This includes rich content in the Revit properties box and realistic views of ductwork with all properties including accessories, connectors, flanges, hangers, etc.
  • Ability to convert native Revit files (usually drawn by the Engineer) into fully constructible components using industry standard SMACNA specifications or any custom configuration needed.
  • Custom built fittings and families including Rectangular, Round, and Oval ductwork libraries. All in Revit’s native RFA format.
  • Interactive tool palettes allowing user to draw, edit, annotate, and more directly in the Revit software.
  • Direct download to PractiCAM for fabrication.